Marmook & Poom Poom's, Maitland

Cafe, Restaurant & Bar

Cafe by day, restaurant & bar by night - it's a logical and clever operation for boutique hospitality venue, and one that Marmook & Poom Pooms does perfectly. Beautifully renovated, with liquor license and positioned opposite Maitland Art Gallery, Marmook & Poom Pooms is split into two sections bar, dining & alfresco dining with cool beats playing throughout the day & night. The coffee is great, meals are superb, dessert is mouth-watering and it's the perfect place for a wine, beer or cocktail after work. Features of the business include: Licensed for 120 seats Fully operational commercial kitchen Fully equipped bar Great social media and internet presence Opportunity to expand Upstairs you have accommodation which consists of 2 bedrooms (currently used as an office & stock room), renovated bathroom and kitchen. This is your chance to own a busy restaurant/bar in an area that is exploding with opportunity. A perfect business for a seasoned restaurant owner or someone looking to open up their first restaurant, don't let this one pass you by. The Story of Marmook & Poom Pooms......... The names Marmook & Poom Poom all started over 4 decades ago when a young boy had trouble pronouncing his own name. The best he could come up with was Marmook. Really?? Anyway.. Displaying the family trait of giving up early he figured that if he couldn't pronounce his own name what chance did he have of being able to pronounce other peoples names? Fortunately for him his older brother had started brandishing a toy gun and was running around the house yelling out poom poom as he shot at people. Some names just pick themselves, and Poom Poom was born. Fast forward to another century and the two brothers were trying to find a name for their new establishment. Alas, all of the good names had been taken. So with their hearts in their mouths they searched the Google to see if Marmook & Poom Pooms was being used by someone else. They were amazed to find that no one in the world had used this name for their bar. Not even in Turkey. So now you know. And for the record the double Os are pronounced like in book. Not like in boom. That would just sound silly.Now you try. Marmook & Poom Pooms. Simple. So for all of you who were thinking about owning your own bar and calling it Marmook & Poom Pooms we are very sorry we took the name first. You will have to go back to the drawing board. I know of a Turkish prince and his showgirl mistress with the names Farouk & Gigi.