Storage business- Easily run, great growth potential and great returns

As the need for Storage space is becoming more popular, we find more people are using long term storage space as a solution. This business has an abundance of warehouse space currently partly filled with assembled storage modules. They are built and designed to be stacked using the easily managed equipment on site. Revenue is generated by continuing ongoing rent for the storage pods, with additional income for additional services, including at customers own home for drop off an and pick up. The storage modules are rented out to consumers on a monthly basis. New empty modules are delivered to site, then filled and taken back to the warehouse to be stored. They are delivered back to clients at a later date for unloading. Any stored material can be accessed by customers by arranging a time to drop in and add to or take from the stored material. The pods are then simply restacked using the forklift on-site. Great industry, very easily managed, great returns with large opportunity for growth and franchise support.