26 Oakdale Road, Gateshead

Outsource procurement business

Modest hours, reliable and growing revenues and great profits. This business (advertising material outsourcing) has been the go-to for Hundreds of customers for many years and is being put on the market for the first time. The operation involves taking requests from a very well-established, repeat client book and using trade suppliers to produce the desired work based on capability and producing most economically. Almost all the answers are known to you as there are mostly no requests that have not been handled successfully in the past. This business can be run from almost any location and comes with experienced staff, client and supplier databases and relationships. For similar and related industry businesses, this represents a great opportunity to extend your product range to your existing clients and possibly increase margins on producing existing jobs in-house. This business could just be the best, stable source of recurring profits that Wilsons presents to market this year!