Mobile service business specialised in Hydraulic and Pneumatic testing, servicing and maintenance equipment

Fantastic mobile service business, specialising in Hydraulic and Pneumatic testing, servicing and maintenance. Most work is "On-location" using the companies mobile service vehicles to work on large Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems, plant and equipment. Customers are mainly large "blue chip" mining businesses that work large plant and equipment throughout the Hunter Valley & North West NSW. Includes lucrative parts sales at strong margins, and low stock holding as most is ordered in on a "Just In Time" basis. The business currently employs two maintenance technicians (one of whom is the owner) who visit sites throughout Hunter Valley and North West NSW to perform the service and maintenance work. The business has all the necessary site certifications and clearances. – Any purchaser will need to ensure they can pass the required audit process to retain these licences and authorisations under their own name. The business has an excellent brand name in the region for performing all types of Hydraulic & Pneumatic related heavy plant maintenance work, with extremely low failure rates and call back rates. In view of this excellent performance record and there are very few players in this specialised sector with the same level of relationships, expertise and networks throughout the region. Any buyer who is suitably qualified, and proceeds to exchange of contracts will be welcomed to accompany the current business owner on initial client introductions and large service jobs to meet the relevant decision makers and ensure technical knowledge of any new employees is up to speed.