Presenting Your Property For Sale

Presenting your property

Potential buyers and tenants are looking for love at first sight. They’re seeking that immediate attraction, something that makes their heart beat faster, complemented by good looks and a little charm. Here are some handy tips to help make buyers and tenants fall for your place without spending a fortune.

First impressions

Street appeal is so important because first impressions count for a great deal. Tidy your garden, mow the lawn, give your facade a fresh coat of paint, fix the fence and waterblast your paths and driveway to make your home looks as welcoming as possible.

Making a grand entrance

Your agent will greet potential buyers/tenants at your front door, so this area needs to look inviting and homely. Add some pot plants, put out a nice welcome mat and clean your front door to ensure it looks its best and people are excited about the prospect of what’s inside.

Spring clean

De-cluttering is vitally important. It will make the whole house feel larger and remove distractions so that prospective buyers/tenants can focus on the house and its various attributes. Remove appliances from kitchen benchtops, minimise knick knacks, tidy bookshelves and store unnecessary furniture to improve space.

Let there be light

Nobody likes a dark home – it instantly kills the ambience. Maximise natural light by opening all curtains and shutters, cleaning windows and leaving the front door open if the weather permits. If your property’s unfortunately dark, fake it by turning on lights and using lamps to create atmosphere.

Expecting someone?

Present your property as if you’re about to entertain friends. You don’t have to formally set the table but make sure it’s tastefully adorned – fresh flowers or fruit look great – and don’t neglect the outdoor settings. Light the fire if the weather’s appropriate and have some light background music playing.

Smelling sweet

There’s no bigger turn off than a place that smells bad. Pet odours and cigarette smoke are the worst culprits. If you’re a smoker, refrain from smoking indoors or having any ashtrays lying around and if you’ve got pets, keep them out of the place well before inspections … you may even need to have your couches steam cleaned if they’ve got pet odour and hair. Open all windows and doors to air the home well before open homes and use scented candles or plug-ins to make your home instantly inviting. Avoid things like incense which are too overpowering – keep it subtle but fresh.

Bedroom and bathroom etiquette

Bedrooms and bathrooms are very personal spaces and are often the rooms that buyers/tenants feel least comfortable inspecting. Try to make them less personal.  Dress them with fresh, matching linen, minimise clutter, remove stuck-on posters from walls, hide washing baskets, put out matching towels and put away all toiletries other than things like nice soaps and designer bath products. Think minimal boutique hotel and you’re on the right track.

Your finest hour

Make sure you schedule open homes at the time of day when your place looks at its best and brightest – your agent will be able to help you with this but you’ll know best. You want your place to be sunlit but not boiling hot. If you’re showing your place in summer, turn the air conditioning on prior to inspections. In winter, keep it warm and cosy with heaters or open fires.